Kneeling mats by Ortho make employees happier & more productive, available with or without hand holes.

Ortho AntiMicrobial Mat 10" x 18"

Item Number: AM1018 Catalog Image

Our portable kneeling pads are large enough to stand on & comfortable enough to kneel on. We offer them in a variety of types to suit all your needs; technicians, mechanics, engineers, construction, plumbing, gardening, electricians, painters, carpenters, welding, or personal use.

$14.00 EA$12.00 EA

Ortho Industrial Mat 14" x 21"

Item Number: IM1421 Catalog Image

The anti-fatigue solution for industrial applications. This orthopedic wonder works well in all areas of the industrial workplace. The Human Resource Manager’s solution to slips and falls. Reduction of strain, pains, and worker’s compensation claims related to prolonged standing. Ortho Mat® is impervious to acids, chemicals, and petroleum products.

$18.00 EA$14.50 EA